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At aquilo we believe in companies taking responsibility and contributing to the society that surrounds them. Therefore we are proud sponsors of “Boern og unge i noed.”

“Boern og unge i noed” is a Danish organisation, that supports children, whose parents are alcoholics or drug addicts. The organisation helps the children navigate through difficult periods.

“aquilo efficiently produced a thorough analysis of our key emerging markets mapping major inhibitors to growth. The analysis allowed us to rectify our regional strategies and produced ideas on how to successfully implement our new growth strategies. ”

Lars Alling, Director, Covidien EMEA 

“We have been working with the aquilo methodology for Strengths Based People Development. I have never experienced any management tools that have given the same degree of insight, motivation or positive effects as this methodology. It’s concrete, individualistic, positive and extremely useful for helping people reach their potential”

Hans Hanevold, Director, Gjensidige Norway

“aquilo has given us new insights into how we can understand each individual’s strengths, and use this to develop their talents. The aquilo consultants are excellent at translating theory into learning and daily practice and their methods systematically ensure quality at all levels. We strongly believe Strengths Based People Development, the way Aquilo practice it, will give us happy, engaged employees delivering high performance. So far we have very positive experiences with the method in practice”

Christine Lundberg Larsen, Manager, Gjensidige Norway

“As a private equity fund we rely on industry experts to help us understand current market trends, players and technologies. aquilo impressed us with their in-depth industry knowledge and hands-on approach. They provided a valuable assessment of M&A opportunities for one of our portfolio companies”

Thomas Kvorning, Director, Altor Equity Partners


“aquilo’s concepts are ahead of our time. Most importantly the hands-on approach to implementation by aquilo has been central to driving our success across nearly 10 different European markets”

Olivier Menage, Director, Covidien Europe

“The opportunities we invest in are often engaged in specialized niche markets in very different industry sectors and it is essential for us to engage the right advisors to fully understand each company and their specific market. In the healthcare segment, we partner with aquilo to review the overall sector for opportunities but also in evaluation of specific companies. We truly value the extensive hands-on sector experience and the constructive, professional and engaging approach from the aquilo team in our work together.”

Martin Bang-Löwgren, Director, Polaris Private Equity 

“In the Aquilo team you will get access to consultants with true sector expertise gained from real operational experience from many years of working in global healthcare related companies. This enables Aquilo to understand, analyze and help solving complex commercial issues in a impressively fast and efficient manner. I can strongly recommend Aquilo. “

Mads Ditlevsen, Director, EQT Partners


“Personal development lies at he heart of the aquilo culture – It is great to work in a company that puts such a focus on your potential to grow in your career”

aquilo team member

“At aquilo we turn common business sense upside down – it feels great to make a difference in the way people think within healthcare!”

aquilo team member

“Aquilo enables me to fulfill my potential, tap my own creativity and create a lasting impact on our work”

aquilo team member

“I love being part of a team that is dedicated to continually deliver beyond our client’s expectations”

aquilo team member

“You know you’ve made a positive impact on your client when they call you to ask for advice well after the original project is finished and they consider you part of their extended management team.”

aquilo team member

“By solely focusing on the 20% that really makes a difference to our clients business, we can deliver effective results quickly”

aquilo team member

“The personal development at aquilo is so advanced it’s made me a stronger individual and a better business women”

aquilo team member

“Working in small intimate teams makes everyone’s role more important which is a great personal motivation”

aquilo team member

“aquilo have an extremely high and unique expertise level, competing with the big consultancy firms and delivering value to our clients gives me great satisfaction”

aquilo team member

“I feel every day how working in aquilo makes me more capable, and more successful”

aquilo team member

“at aquilo we care about each other, therefore we can be honest and direct, fast tracking each other’s personal and professional development”

aquilo team member

“Our unique company culture is fusing the best of autonomous work and team based interaction – making us fast & smart”

aquilo team member

“I love aquilo because I can be who I am”

aquilo team member

“aquilo delivers the best quality to its clients, this is achieved by developing the best colleagues”

aquilo team member

“The geographical reach and variety of assignments makes you feel challenged every day, while at the same time full of confidence – as aquilo is the strongest team”

aquilo team member

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